April 21, 2008

Why Kanokon is the best fanservice show EVER.

Love it or hate it, you have to show Kanokon the respect it deserves. Never in my career of anime watching have i seen such a blatant disregard for censorship rules and moral decency in an anime. The sheer amount of fanservice here is enough to turn a gay man straight and a monk into a perv. Dont believe me? screencaps from the three episodes that have aired would tell you otherwise.
Loving will be had.
Hugs will be given freely.
Hair will glow.
Traps will be fawned upon.
Lingerie will be had.
Everything will seem normal.
Blood will be lost.
Paradise will open.
Tsundere will be deadpan.
Distractions will be had.
Skirts will fly.
voices will scream.
Subs will be misleading

I have heard much criticism and praise for this show due to its phenomenal amount of fanservice. To this i say the producers are just giving the people what they want, no-strings-attached fanservice. If you don't like it don't touch it because even a glimpse of it would prove that you approve of it so shut it and embrace the show for what it is.

This show strikes my fancy because the producers in all their wisdom have decided to ditch any half-assed attempts at plot creation and just focused on bringing about the weekly doses of soft-core. Unlike other fanservice shows like R+V that failed to impress me, Kanokon wins because it doesnt try to cloak itself in decency but raises the heat to the maximum level.

Furthermore the stellar cast of seiyuus in this show made it a dream come true for fanservice lovers like yours truly. Mamiko Noto, Kawasumi Ayako and Takeuchi Miyu voicing their respective roles is more or less like sex to my ears, and it nearly was!

Conclusion: watch Kanokon for the fanservice and fanservice alone. Forget about plot, this show is all about the moe moe moe girls and shoutas.

*this post was written under the influence of plenty of medicines while having a bad cold*


Mizunaga said...

Argh! I'm falling behind on my anime. T_T
I shall go and catch up on Kanokon now.

Rokku said...

Looks like i need to clear space for this one

D_Blade said...

Three letters from me. O.M.G.
But I'll pass, again.
...Though the lingerie part is definitely of good taste.

Kouta said...

I'm shouta and I approve of this awesome show.

Choo said...

I may want to download this anime just by looking at the screencaps. XD

Setsuna-san said...

@mizunaga: watch it NOW.

@rokku: good choice, i assure you that you will have no regrets about it.

@d_blade: you know you like it.

@kouta: second that.

@choo: go get it and join in on the furry madness

gordon said...

nice write-up! i LOLed at your funny captions. ^^;

Anonymous said...

so...has this show been dumped?

i love it soo much and dont want it to end with just 12 episodes!!!

if it does...ill cry :(