December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008!!

SO, the year 2007 is over and we shall step into the brave new year of 2008.

2007 has been a rather eventful year for me. I stepped into the world of otakuism, created my own blog attended college, and so on.

I would like to wish everyone a happy new year from the bottom of my heart and may we meet again in 2008.


December 29, 2007

To Hell and Back

It has been a hard week since my last post. I had to contend with last minute scrambles for my finals and worst of all i have just caught a new disease. It is called the CLANNAD withdrawal symptom.

Now, most of you should already know that CLANNAD will be taking a break and will only resume airing on the 10th of January. What you didn't know was that Kyoani inserted a subliminal message in the last episode that will have you re watch CLANNAD(or any other Key/Kyoani collaboration) again and again or risk losing your sanity. Luckily, a list of early warning signs have been compiled by yours truly(who is a survivor of this disease) to identify the disease as soon as it takes root. and hopefully seek treatment or risk a trip on the Nice Boat. have the strange urge to carve starfishes out of blocks of wood. begin to learn to play the violin. have the urge to cut pages out of books and stick them to your wall. want to rear a pig and a cat. wish that you had twin sisters. begin to act like a tsukkomi. consume an unholy amount of dangos

signing out with a nice pic.Currently my favourite character. Go Kotomi!!

December 22, 2007

Seasons greetings and blessings for all!!!

Christmas is right around the corner and i guess that i have caught the bug as well.
So, here you are, a collection of my finest christmas pics. Merry Christmas folks and thanks for reading this blog.

Just some side info for you. My alias Setsuna-san is derived from one of my favourite character. Sakurazaki Setsuna.
And for any good Samaritan who might be lurking around here. Here's my christmas wish list.
1. Lifetime supply of manga.
2. Lifetime supply of anime.
3. Everlasting high speed internet connection.
4. Lifetime supply of figures.
5. Fly free for life on any airlines bound for japan.
6. Meet Hirano Aya.
7. Being able to attend every comiket.
8. Peace among animebloggers.
9. Publish my own manga.
10. Free for life shopping in Akihabara.


December 18, 2007

The Phrase of 2007


Inspired partly by the actions of the Japanese monk at Kiyomizudera as well as AS, and in no small part Gurren Lagann. I've decided on the phrase that fits the year 2007 the best. That phrase would be: Fight The Power!!.

This year, we have seen many cases of the oppressed rising up against the powers that be. From the anti ODEX movement in the real world to the uprising of the Gurren Brigade in the anime world. I dont personally hold a grudge against ODEX but their high handed and oppressive methods have made the freedom fighter in me burn with passion and though i can do little, i wish for their swiftest downfall day and night. Animes that stray from convention and make it large also deserve to be recognised as fighters of the power and so this list would not be complete without names such as Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Kodomo no Jikan. Two truly great shows they are.
The Genericness of Gundam 00 has left me in despair!!!!!!

What little angels awwww. (yeah right)

IMO, fighting the power also represents going against conventional thinking itself, not just an organization itself. If so, all us otakus are fighting the power as well for we do not let others bring us down just because we do not follow the mainstream culture. So, to all my comrades out there don't cave in to darkness and despair, fight the power!! and if you cant do it alone, know that there are always people who will stand by you and support you no matter how bleak the prospects are.

This year, we can truly say that the fight has been taken to the higher powers by the people.

Figure Review: Nagato Yuki

It was raining cats and dogs and all other sorts of critters so it was impossible to go outdoors for the photo shoot. But, i managed to get some rather nice indoor ones instead.(Note that i have no prior photography experience and am a complete newbie, please don't expect too much)

Yuki Likes books. FACT
Witch Yuki Looks dangerous. FACT

Yuki relaxing with my manga collection.

Just for laughs, a half witch Yuki.
Camera used: Olympus FE-280. It's a point and shoot type. I don't have a DSLR.

Even though i have no prior experience with figures, i could tell that this was a special piece indeed. I couldn't find any flaws at all! It might be my excessive fanboying clouding my judgment though. IMO, the best part of this figure is how Yuki's face is devoid of any emotion whatsoever, it perfectly replicates her expressions from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. Try holding a staring competition with her, i am sure you will be gushing with fanboyism before long.
The figure comes with three sets of clothings(can i call it that?) for Yuki, the seifuku with cardigan, the seifuku, and the witch outfit. Its as good as getting three versions of Yuki in a box which i think is great even though the price of it is slightly higher as compared to other 1/8 figures.(must be the cost of the PVC)
And so in terms of score i give it a 9.5 out of 10. A must have for any self proclaimed Haruhiist.(a.k.a me)

If you want more pics it is available here.

December 16, 2007

Tribute 2007: Shiraishi Minoru. Hell hath no fury like a man oppressed. FACT

Well, in my last post it seems that i was so emotional when i was writing about Kamina that i had forgotten to explain what Tributes were all about. Basically, the Tribute posts are my way of honoring the great men and women of anime. They could either be characters, seiyuus, directors, or even production studios who have done the fandom proud.

and so without further ado, I shall cut to the tributes for THE Shiraishi Minoru whose appallingly lame EDs have only served to increased my Lucky Star fanaticism.(no, really i was watching Lucky Star partly to see how lame could he get next week)

Firstly credit is certainly due to Minoru for having his own rendition of Koi Mikuru no Densetsu as his ringtone. (This certainly certifies him as an otaku) Minoru has also managed to build up a loyal fanbase during the span of Lucky Channel as the Devil's(Akira, we're looking at you) assistant.

Anyone, IMO deserves my everlasting respect for putting up with soooo much crap being hurled at him. In this aspect he certainly showed true grit that i am sure Kamina would have been proud of.

His crowning glory came near the end of the Lucky Star season where he released all of his righteous anger on the Devil(yes, thats you again Akira) and brought her to her knees. All fear the righteous might of the oppressed for when it is released, it is more powerful than any force known to man.(so, if you have oppressed anyone lately, you had better apologize and make amends or you would have booked a place for yourself on a Nice Boat)FIGHT THE POWER !!!

So, for being the symbol of the oppressed assistants everywhere and taking the fight to the powers that be, we salute you, Shiraishi Minoru as a comrade in arms.

December 15, 2007

Tribute 2007: Kamina a Giant among men.

The year 2007 is ending and soon, a new timeline will begin in the form of year 2008.
While most of us might discard memories of yesteryear like nuclear waste, let us remember that sacrifices had been made, brothers lost and hearts broken in the 2007 anime season.
And now, let us reserve a moment of silence for a giant amongst man.
His name was KAMINA.
His personality that was larger than life, he had striven to liberate humanity from the shackles of oppression and in the process he paid the ultimate price to secure the future of his comrades and those who had yet to know him.
His confidence knew no end and it was with this confidence and his bare hands that he created the Gurren Brigade that would be the salvation of humanity.
But sadly, like all great men, he went before it was truly time for him to go.
Kamina's end was a fitting one for a man of his stature. He fell in battle against a worthy foe in a blaze of glory and made them pay dearly for his life. In the process set the clock ticking down to his enemies final moments. Indeed he was a man full of GAR in the truest sense.
(sigh, if only the male cast of Gundam00 could have some of his GARness)

In a Blaze of Glory, Kamina's tale ended.

I once heard a saying by a certain person. A true hallmark of a leader is grooming future leaders to succeed him. Kamina was the greatest leader in this sense for he turned Simon from an emoboy into a man worthy to carry on his legacy and liberate humanity once and for all.
And for all of the above Kamina, I salute you.
Rest in Peace. あばよダチコ

Christmas does come early. FACT.

A few days ago(December 13th), after a tiring session of college studies, I found a strange package waiting for me at home.
As curiosity got the better of me, i opened it up to have a look.(it was addressed to me after all)
First, i noticed the japanese writing so i thought wow, must be some otaku stuff.(LOL)
I then proceeded to open it.(Anticipation +10)


Nagato Yuki In the flesh!!!!(or at least PVC, Whichever you like)

Apparently my dad saw me looking up on the figure when i was at home and he ordered one for me as a christmas present.(looks like i got to it first.^^) THANKS DAD!!

Now, if you will excuse me, i have to go and practice some figure photography. will be back with a figure review soon.( it is my first 1/8 figure after all)

December 13, 2007

Chara Battle Round 1: Otaku Gals or Fujyoshi

There area quite a few otaku gals out there so i had to trim my list down to my favourite characters.

Chara 1: Izumi Konata (Legendary Girl A)

Chara 2: Tamura Hiyori (Certified Yuri Doujinshi Artist)

Chara 3: Patricia Martin (Gaijin Otaku Cosplayer)

Chara 4: Ogiue Chika (Certified Yaoi Doujinshi Artist)

Okay, so now we have our contestants ready, we shall look into them on different categories.

1. Contribution to Otaku Culture.

Konata: The name says it all, Legendary Girl A. Any doujinshi she buys turns into instant hits and if her room is any indicator, she buys lots of goods and merchandises as well.

Hiyori: She draws doujinshi and yuri doujinshi at that! If thats not contribution to the otaku culture then i dont know what is.

Patricia: After analyzing her character, i have come to the conclusion that her contribution to the otakudom is significant. Firstly she intends to spread otakuism in her native country(U.S.A which sadly has been hit by a huge growth in Narutards). Secondly she listens to alot of anime music which means that she should have bought quite a few character CDs and contributed to the fandom.

Ogiue: She draws Yaoi doujinshi, which caters to the Fujyoshi section of the Otaku crowd. She has also participated in the creation of male oriented Doujinshis so she has indeed done the Otakudom proud. Plus, if i am not mistaken, she has been sighted at many doujinshi events, picking up loads of yaoi doujins.

2.Cosplay Potential.

Konata: High. Cosplaying Haruhi is reason enough for that, plus she can cosplay Shana as well if she wanted to(fanboying alert!!).

Hiyori: Unknown. I personally havent seen her cosplay yet. But she is a meganekko, so the possibilities are limitless.

Patricia: Very High. She cosplays as Mikuru-chan. Enough said

Ogiue: High. If recent episodes of Genshiken 2 are anything to go by, her cosplay potential is slowly being revealed by Oho.

3.Others. aka random stuff.

Konata: Plays online games and is teh awesome at fighting games. I think she and Kousaka can go one on one.

Hiyori: A meganekko. Moe level +10

Patricia: Gaijin who is proficient in Japanese. Respect + 10

Ogiue: Always harassed by Ohno about cosplay. Moe level + 15

Conclusion: I cant really decide on a winner since i like them all. But if i have to pick one i think it will be Hiyori. I love meganekkos and it is a huge plus when she is an otaku as well. But thats just me.

If you have any opinions do let me hear about it.^^

Special Mention: Hiiragi Kagami.

She loves Full Metal Panic and so do I. Plus she has a twintail, is a Tsundere, has an awesome Zettai Ryouiki, and has a twin sister.(sorry for stealing that pic lanie-emon, it was too moe to ignore)

And here's some random pics for your enjoyment.

December 12, 2007

Midseason Reaview pt.2

Now that we have dispensed with all the good anime we are left with the relatively good and the rest.
Yes, it is a girl Gundam. No, it is not as kawaii or as moe as Nobel Gundam.

Gundam 00 (the show for yaoi fangirls of the season)
Since alot of bloggers are already bashing this show, i shall not dwell on this subject for too long. There area a few major weaknesses in this show:

1) The male leads are not GAR(my cup of tea) enough and most of them are emo(not my cup of tea). Well, after watching Gurren Lagann which featured male leads who are the definition of GAR i feel rather disappointed that the leads here are emoboys.(except crazy Hallelujah, he is a bloody sadist which is good in a show full of emos
2) Overpowered Mechas
I can understand that in a mecha show, the lead mechas must be near indestructibile but this is just too much. Examples Virtue's GN shield and Kyrios which can just fly through a minefield undamaged, no to mention Exia that can take a direct hit from an artillery shell and still come out without a scratch
If you want more Gundam 00 bashing please visit comrade crusader at

Yes Shana is the most Moe of them all

Shakugan no Shana 2 (had such high hopes but it bombed anime of the season)

Nothing much to say here other than the plot pacing is too damn slow!!! Where the hell is the action and to quote other bloggers, has this turned into Shakugan Days!?!?! Im just bombed. This show is currently on my hiatus list and i will refrain from watching it until i have gathered more good episodes that will justify my love for the first season.

To the producers: For the love of Haruhi please give me fiery loli back im begging you!!!

I was told that it will be THIS good.
ef- A tale of Memories (the show that people keep telling me i need to watch it of the season)
I have no idea why i havent watched this yet when i love bishoujo game to anime adaptations. Maybe because the quota has been filled by Clannad??? Anyways i will be watching it soon can anyone give me any suggestions whether to watch or not??

December 11, 2007

My First Ever Post

And it will be a midseason anime review!!
ok, i know that i am really late to the game with this but bear with me please while i try to sort out the good and the poo from this season's anime.

We shall begin with the GOOD

From left to right: Fuko,Nagisa,Kyou

CLANNAD (obligatory bishoujo game adaptation of the season)
I really like Clannad not because i am a Kyoani fanboy( which i am) or a sucker for Key's games(again guilty) but because the story is really nicely laid out(i dont see any pacing problems so far unlike AIR), the pacing is good and well the voice acting is above par. So, give it a try, im sure you will like it. If you wont do it for me, do it for Nagisa-chan pleaseeeee.

From left to right: Kirino, Saya, Tamaki, MiyaMiya, Satori.

Bamboo Blade (girls with swords are pure win anime of the season)
Kendo girls, what more do i need to say?? That is of course if you discount the fact that the main characters are some of the funniest i have seen so far. Tamaki is pure awesomeness with her kendo skills, Kirino is the free spirit of the cast, Saya is as random as canonball, Miya Miya is pure yandereness, haven't seen much of Satori yet but am sure she will compliment the cast perfectly and oh did i mention, the kendo club teacher is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi who also voiced Kamina in Gurren Lagann.

From left to right: Minami Chiaki, Kana,and Haruka.

Minami-ke (slice of life anime of the season)
Three sisters of the Minami family living under one roof without parental supervision makes a perfect recipe for some yuri loving!!(just kidding) This anime mainly focuses around the antics of the Minami sisters and how they go about their daily lives.(no robots or witches or whatever of that sort) The Minami sisters are bolstered by a great supporting cast which includes Ono Daisuke as the voice of the ever weird but just slightly cool Hosaka sempai who has a crush on the eldest of the Minami sisters.(did i mention that he hugs fishes. errr creepy.....)

From left to right:Sasahara, Ohno, Kucchi, Saki, Madarame, Kousaka, Ogiue, Tanaka(whiteheadband), and Kugayama

Genshiken 2 (otakuism anime of the season)
Well, the name pretty much says it all doesn't it. This is another slice of life anime but it is the life of otakus instead of the usual fare of extremely moe girls. If you need me to explain this to you, you shouldn't be watching anime any more and just go do something else!!!