April 22, 2008

Preview : 1/8 Hoshii MIki Figure (The Idolmaster) Oh the dilemma!!

Haruhi commands you!!
sorry, cant resist doing that.

Your drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens!!

Ok, now THIS is a dilemma. Two versions of the same magnificent figure released at together. Is Max Factory conspiring to drive otakus bankrupt? Both sculpts of Miki are absolutely gorgeous and I'm not quite sure which one should i get, mind you figures are not cheap to start with. I prefer the version of her in the blue dress with shorter hair but i also like the nekomimi accessory that comes with the other one.

I'm in despair!! Abundance of great figures have left my wallet in despair!!!

Item name:Hoshii Miki Rouse Ver. (Figure)
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Producer: Hironori Tokunaga
Release Date :Sep

Available at: Hobbysearch

Now, if you would excuse me i have a few spare organs to trade on the black market.


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Duke Togo said...

Still have my eyes set on that figma Fate Testarossa, though it's not coming out anytime soon =(