April 02, 2008


Well comrades, It’s spring now, the turning point where everything is given a fresh lease of life and the chance to make amends (looking at you Gonzo). Let’s now put the winter season on the back burner and now focus on the spring season animes. As usual, the spring season is the time of the year when many otakus suffer from anime overload and severe fatigue due to the large number of animes that are being let loose to prey on our souls. To avoid a serious overdose, I’ve trimmed my watchlist this time around and included only works which I will most probably not regret watching later.

Here is the list.

1) Macross Frontier. Though a Macross newbie I could sense that this will definitely be an epic mecha space opera. 1st episode impressions have been good thus far.

2) Kanokon: For the fanservice and the fox. Also, Mamiko Noto is a seiyuu for this anime.

3) Wagaya no Oinarisama: Yukana is voicing Tenko, the 1000 year old gender bending kitsune.

4) Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2: do I even need to elaborate on this?

5) Tower of Druaga: another Gonzo anime. Even though I absolutely detest Gonzo at the moment, I will make an exception because Gatou Shouji (FMP) is writing the screenplay.

6) Toshokan Sensou: considering the fact that I live in a police state where almost all the media is controlled by the state authorities and freedom of speech is restricted this show would be interesting indeed because war over the freedom of information is something deadly serious to me.

Since spring is a season for new beginnings I would also like to announce that I will be trying my hand at episodic anime blogging for the spring season. Most likely to be blogged: Tower of Druaga, Wagaya no Oinarisama, and Code Geass

EDIT: i've decided to review Macross Frontier instead. sorry for my indecisiveness.

P.S. I dropped To-Love-Ru because of fears that it will turn out to be crap like one of my favourite manga which got turned into an anime.


ron~ said...

There's no loli-tsundere kugimiya voice this season :( only one anime voiced by her (as a boy :( )

>> P.S. I dropped To-Love-Ru because of fears that it will turn out to be crap like one of my favourite manga which got turned into an anime.

are you referring to rosario+vampire?

Setsuna-san said...

@ron~: no.that would be Mahou Sensei Negima.

Mizunaga said...

No Sekirei?

lanie-emon said...

Keen on Macross Frontier (the lead character is turning out to be THE trap character of the upcoming season), Code Geass R2& To-Love-Ru and Sekirei.

Setsuna-san said...

@mizunaga: Sekirei is in summer my friend. this is the spring list.

Choo said...

omg man, i dont even have time to watch anime. Im having my Olevels this june. XD Study study!

blissmo said...


Little Wolf Inside A Girl said...

Wait? No Junjou Romantica? For shame!

Rokku said...

Looking forward for Frontier

lanie-emon said...

Junjou Romantica, eh? Only if you are into yaoi...Lol (^_^).

Nagato said...

At this point, the real question is: Who ISN'T going to do Code Geass R2? xP

Setsuna-san said...

@shin: yaoi= DO NOT WANT, ask Aoshi though, im sure he will be watching it.

@nagato: that would be me. lol

Mizunaga said...

@Setsuna-san, Ah- I see. My bad ^^;