April 16, 2008


Source: Shrine, Cathay


Director: Natsuki Imai
Voiced By: Megumi Ogata, Megumi Hayashibara, Kotono Mitsuishi & Yuriko Yamaguchi,
Genre: Animation
Language: Japanese with English and Chinese Subtitles

Exclusively at The Picturehouse 3 July 2008

14-year-old boy Shinji arrives in Tokyo-3, a heavily fortified outpost that's survived "Second Impact," a calamity leaving humankind vulnerable to alien machines referred to as Angels. Last hope for survival rests with government agency NERV (whose motto reads, "God is in his heaven, all is right with the world") and its gigantic Evangelion fighting artillery, a human-mechanical hybrid designed by Shinji's distant father, Gendou.

OMFG, after agonising for what seemed like an eternity, the wait has payed off!! Now, to organize a gathering of Malaysian Otakus to go and catch it together.


Fariz Asuka said...

Wow.. Finally the movie appeared in Malaysia too.. Congratz to those living there.. ^^

faye said...

Omg for real? o_O Where is the cinema anyway? Never heard of it...but damn Eva movie coming.. awesome!!!!.. :D

Setsuna-san said...

@fariz: indeed. it fills my heart with joy to see it coming to local shores.

@faye: cineleisure Dmanasara the one that is connected to The Curve.

lanie-emon said...

Quick, need somebody (who wouldn't mind) to organize a gathering for the screening ^^.

gordon said...

july is still 3 months away. a long wait but hey never late than never. ^^;

Mizunaga said...

OH YES~! A definite must watch ^^ Let's definitely most definitely organize a definite outing.