April 01, 2008

April fools madness.

Just thought i would cover some of the crazy April fools antics circulating the otakusphere.

Dannychoo.com,Nitroplus: Mirai eroge announced.

Overflow: Sekai Days

GoodSmile: Udon anyone?

Type Moon: Pro Wrestling spoof. OMG Rin looks sooo hawt!!

Key: New VN Rewrite.

Gordon: He quit blogging.

Shin: performing Mind Raep.

RIUVA: Event so full of manliness its GAR.

Others: FUCKING FAKE DORAMA. You know what, that really got my blood up, I wish whoever plotted that scheme a painfully long and drawn out death.

and as for myself. I just found out today that i fathered a lovechild.


lanie-emon said...

Sometimes the jokes on April 1st really get twisted, do they? God help me ^^
And you fathered a lovechild...uh, what?

Setsuna-san said...

"Love child" is a synonym for "bastard", meaning a child born out of wedlock

from wikipedia

lanie-emon said...

Oh, fair enough. Sounds much more civil, eh?

Fariz Asuka said...

Well, the joke is on us.. Most believable is that Gordon was quitting..

Lol, only remembered today is April Fool when I checked the date on my computer..

gordon said...

congrats on becoming a father. ^^

alafista said...

Haha congrats on being a father, isst a boy or girl =)

Setsuna-san said...

@alafista: girl or boy does not matter, but she is a girl. She will grow up to be as great as Konata I tell you!!