January 26, 2008

MAGe Festa 2008 : First and Only Day.

This was the first time I had ever attended an otaku related event and it was an interesting experience to say the least. Though the turnout for the event was less than expected(in part due to the event location being located in a rather secluded area) you could feel the effort that was put into this event by the organizers and all the attendees. At least it had more spirit than the Youth 08 event.

Also, the ratio of cosplayers to attendees was really high.(something like 1:3) Which made the event much more lively. I also got to met some of my fellow bloggers at that event. They were really nice folks and I was glad I met them. Below are a few select pics of the day.(Theres a limit to the number of pics i can fit in here, for more please visit my photobucket account here.)

The Figure Mall's figure exhibition booth.
Attendance was low but that was alright. The cosplayers made up for it.(those two guys sitting there wearing black shirts are my friends whom i dragged along.^^)
Hare Hare Yukai Dance.(ok but not as good as others that i have seen)
The President of MAGe Club giving a speech while cosplaying as Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club.
Cosplayers galore.
(Best female cosplayer IMO would be the one at the bottom left. I need to watch Rozen Maiden and soon!)
Have no bloody idea what he was doing but it was funny nonetheless had me ROFLing.
Definitely most GAR cosplayer of the lot.
The guys from the Figure Mall figure exhibit. Great exhibit folks, keep it up!!!
(From left to right: LilKeV84, Exiled_Gundam, e-jump, Aiko, and valho)

All in all a good event to kick start the new year, looking forward to more events in the future.^^

For more photos click here.

Note: i didnt stay for the whole event so some of the other bloggers might have a better overview of the event.

January 24, 2008

MAGe Festa 2008 come one come all!!!

On the 26th of january ill be attending a local otaku event called MAGe Festa (MAGe= the word MAGe is a short form and combination from Manga, Anime and Game Enthusiast.)2008 in Nilai International College.

There will be a few other bloggers attending as well such as: valho from toysworks, e-jump, and Likev84 from Journey Through Otakuism.

Will be bringing back a report on the event, hopefully it will turn out to be good.

January 21, 2008

Winter Anime Season 2008 Early Thoughts

The Winter Anime season is upon us my friends and with it brings more anime that will either bring cheer or tears. Personally, i think the winter season is shaping up to be quite a good one with many interesting supernatural and comedy themed animes but is rather lacking in the mecha department though with only Gundam 00 to see us through the new year.(its getting even more crappy now) And now this is my watch list for the winter anime season.

1. Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
My last review said it all.

2. Hatenkou Yugi

Razel for Saimoe 2008(possibly)
I collected the manga which was published under the name Dazzle by Tokyopop and was quite pleased to know that it will be adapted into an anime. If all goes according to plan, this should be one of the top animes of the winter with Razel as the unortodox female lead who could more than look after herself. And oh did i mention that this anime contains bishounens as well?


Fanservice 20 seconds into the show

Fanservice anime of the season. Where else on earth could you get fanservice in the first 30 seconds of an anime? Supernatural monsters such as Succubus and Vampires will be officially included in the moe list from here onwards.

4.H20- footprints in the sand

Hayami-chan= Moe
Obligatory eroge adaptatation of the season. The setting of the village kinds of reminds me of Higurashi where a particular family is picked on by others such as Satoko(Higurashi) and Hayami(H2o).

5.Kimiaru (They are my noble masters)

Shinra-sama !!!!!
Another butler show but this one is pretty different from Hayate no Gotoku in that the butler and his master actually have family! As they say, the more the merrier.

And here are a few anime that i havent watched yet but plan to add to my list soon.

1. Shigofumi.
Dont know much about it yet but early observations look good to me.

2. Minami-ke Okawari
Still looking for subs. will do a review soon if i could get my hands on one.

With all the new anime added my watch list has been extended to 10 animes. Quite alot dont you think?

January 20, 2008

Figure Review 2: Amami Haruka aka. Baka Ribbon (Good Smile Company)

Just got this figure recently after my part time job yielded some extra income for me to spend.^^
They say a picture is worth a thousand words so i will leave you with the pics since i am partly too lazy to write a proper review. LOL
Her eyes look great.
Thats Yuki and Saber chasing Haruka-chan around. I guess they are jealous?(witch hat on the left is Yuki's and the black sword is Saber's)
Pink bikini FTW

Thats Good Smile for you. They even make crabs that look real.

FIGURE: 1/8 Amami Haruka (Idolmaster Xenoglossia)
MAKER: Good Smile Company

Overall the production quality of the figure is high. Except for one little flaw at the inner right of her hair. I feel really pleased because this is the first figure which i had to work to pay for and i am glad i bought it.^^

On another note a girl stripping for a robot is all good.(those of you who watched Idolmaster Xenoglossia would understand)

Currently thinking of taking her outdoors for a photo shoot but i am afraid the insanely hot temperature and the sun will damage her. Any advice on this?

January 14, 2008

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 01


The King of Despair is back!!!
After a few months of pure despair, Zetsubou Sensei and his dysfunctional harem are back!!!

The new season begins with our despairing sensei trying his hand at multi-level marketing, being chased around as a heretic by a cult that he has never heard of and being mutated into a freakish being.I swear that there are some things on earth that only SHAFT can get away with..
So am i for writing this review.

Roughly ten minutes into the show, just when i thought that SHAFT was going to ditch the OP for the first episode, they kicked into OP mode. The new OP is about rumba but it actually has a rock tune to it which makes me want to hit the wall with all my pent up despair!! Its really a good OP, rivalling Bure Bure .^^

The first episode was all about Nami, the normal girl who refuses to be labelled as one. Poor girl, she tried her best to be abnormal which included trying to out suicide attempt Zetsubou Sensei and out Hikikomori Kiri. The episode ends with Nami giving up trying to be abnormal in a normal way.(Nami: dont say normal!!!)

Holy $#!T babies on the ceiling!!!
The Prophet of Despair has spoken!!
Bet you cant Nosebleed and vomit at once!
Did i tell you guys that Kafuka is the scariest person ever?

I have nothing but praise for this episode. The action was nonstop and i was ROFLing from the start to the end till my stomach started to hurt really badly. SHAFT was at the top of its game again with its artistic animation that was really smooth and fitted the show like a _______on a ________.(fill in the blanks yourself)

wait, i think i hear something. Other anime:"Im in despair!!!! The awesomeness of Zetsubou sensei has left me in despair!!!!!"
ahhh what a delightful cry.^^

End of Mad Rambling.

January 09, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Its been raining like cats and dogs along with all sorts of lifeforms here lately. T-T
Bad weather= no figure photography + getting unwanted showers= Lose
but extreme weather brings about extremism in other forms as well such as the following extreme improvisation.

Picture isn't clear but i assure you that the person in the middle of the road is covering his/her head with a card board box.

Pic was taken with my phone's camera. Please dont expect too much.I hate the rain. ToT

Minami-ke is dead. Long Live Minami-ke~okawari

So, yet another enjoyable anime series has come to an untimely end. I say untimely because there were way too few episodes dedicated to such a great series. Come on, 13 episodes for such a large cast of characters? We know how its going to result in lack of exposition for certain supporting characters.

That said, Minami-ke exceeded all my expectations(which was actually rather low). Coming in hot on the heels of Lucky Star and showing Kyoani that they are not the only ones who can make a good slice of life anime.

I leave you know with a few of my choice moments of Minami-ke.
We need more i say, MORE!!!!
Haruka practicing head slicing ala School Days.
LOL nice bus.
NO, please go on.
I sweat as much as he does.(true, sadly)
You lucky @#$%^!&*
yeah right...
its a bird!! no, its a plane!! no, its Pedobear!!!
Kimochi warui~~~
tell me, what spirit?? now this is spirit!!
Minami-ke FC has won the J league!!

MAX Nosebleed~~~
No, really please continue.
Nice boat alert.

Looking forward to Okawari. Different animation studio, different artstyle, same story. A perfect recipe for disaster, maybe?? Please don't expect too much.

January 02, 2008

New Year, New Resolutions.

Its the new year!! and new years call for new resolutions!! while resolutions are made to be broken, this time i resolve to keep at least half of my resolutions.(i hope)

and here they are:

1. Cut down on my food consumption.

2. Exercise more.

3. Watch more anime.

4. Buy more figures.

5. Read more manga.

6. Learn Japanese.

7. Try some J-drama.

8. Attend otaku related conventions.(didnt go to a single one last year)

9. Visit Japan again.

10. Hopefully during comiket.

11. Do well in University.

12. Blog more.(daily i hope)

13. Have no regrets.(nearly impossible)

thats all for my resolutions. So, what would are your resolutions folks? do share if you could, i would love to hear them.