April 23, 2008

Macorss Frontier 03

Sniping the targets!!
NO U!!

OMG the bitch slap!!
Odds are 2/3 that Ozma will die soon.
Nope, no innuendos here.

Words fail to describe how beautiful this scene is.
A serene Alto is fine too.

Grunts get a burial with full honours.
Aces never die.

Ranka Lee desu~

Though not as action packed as the last episode, this episode of Frontier does quite well in the drama department and the characters get a more detailed exposure this time around. It was revealed that Ozma was not Ranka's real brother and he was actually the pilot who failed to save her family who was attacked by the Vajra. In addition, Ranka has no recollection of that memory due to a mental block. Alto also managed to clear away his doubts about himself thanks to Ranka and has now joined the Skull Squadron as a pilot. Ranka's singing this episode was absolutely beautiful. If Sheryl's songs were filled with fire and passion, Ranka's was full of compassion and motherly warmth. It is also revealed that Ranka will be taking part in the Miss Macross competition. I do hope she would win and end up with Alto.

As an apology for the late post, here you go.Alto dancing to the Nyan Nyan Song.
Mikhail: What are you doing, Alto-hime?


Luca Blight said...

Loved the part where Sheryl flashed her boobies wwww

Also, it's niang niang (娘娘), not nyan nyan.

Setsuna-san said...

thats the mandarin spelling but the katakana in the pic read Nyan Nyan.

Sheryl is one of the best idols ever for providing so much *real* fanservice.

gordon said...

episode 3 is out!? has gattai released it yet!? i want to watch! O_O

btw, nice comic at the end. i LOLed. ^^;

renaye said...

ow... i need to catch up with my anime... was on a hiatus for 6 months.

Mizunaga said...

Nyan, nyan~ nyan nyan~ Ni hao, nyan~

Me is addicted to the tune ^^

blissmo said...

I wish I was Alto, although that may sound since I'm a girl. But if i were a guy ... omg, I'd think I was in heaven already for being with Sheryl and Ranka in the same room LOLS

blissmo said...

I forgot to add the "weird" after sound!

Setsuna-san said...

@gordon: out since like 3 days before this post.

@mizunaga: we should start a support for all ye addicts.


But seriously, who wouldnt want to be Alto? He's got the idols, the lolis, the skills and the mecha to boot.

Rokku said...

wooo, ep 3 is out