February 26, 2008

Wonfest 2008: Wishlist

Just a short pic post about my Wonfest 2008 wishlist. Currently mustering the financial power to make most of it come true. ie, asking for allowance raises, working part time(possibly), scrooging, skipping meals, etc.

I think ill focus more on the Figmas and Revoltechs. Master Chief is way too expensive and Erika is a limited Edition piece. T-T



God knows how long i have been waotong for an Arm Slave figure or kit.


EDIT:Added Miki to the wishlist. Priority: high.

Pics stolen from DannyChoo.


gordon said...

say, you are not using that kidney right? ^^;

shinji said...

Darn, those mechas are so cool!!

Shin said...

I want that TTGL kthxbai

Setsuna-san said...

@gordon: all yours for the ridiculously cheap price of $5000. interested?

@shinji: indeed, words cannot describe how glad i am upon seeing ARX-8 being made into a figure.

@shin: TTGL or GL?

Shin The Driller said...

Both look awesome, but yes, I prefer TTGL ^^

D_Blade said...

You, Sir have super great tastes.
I agree fully with you on your picks.
By the way, even in my craziest dreams I'd never have expected the ultimate form of Gurren Lagann to be made into a figure.

Rokku said...

Master Chief!

Fariz Asuka said...

Master Chief looks totally awesome.. And the figmas from Alter looks cool.. Thanks for the pics Setsuna-san..

Prim3 said...

My must have is Alter's Chua Churam and Koto's Suzu! ;)

Setsuna-san said...

@D_blade: thanks.^^ I however expected TTGL to be made into a larger form maybe about 1 metre tall? it is larger than a galaxy in the show after all.

@prime: ordering chuachuram, not so sure about suzu yet.

D_Blade said...

Setsuna-san, if they were to make a statue of TTGL, I'd worship it. ^^