February 19, 2008

1/7 Suzu Figure (Nagasarete Airantou)

Maker: Kotobukiya
Scale: 1/7
Price: 6090 yen
Release Date: June

Looks like a rather good figure by Kotobukiya but i would have preferred if they had sticked to her normal clothes instead.

source: Alafista, Dannychoo


Shin said...

Not sure about having her with clothes on, but the bandage type undergarment thingy that she wears would have been hotter.

Prim3 said...

pre-ordered her.. she shall be mine! :D

Rokku said...

I want!!!!

D_Blade said...

She's really cute... Love her expression, etc., etc.
By the way, is that piggy a vacuum cleaner? *Whispers, whispers* Just look at the size of its nostrils. ^^;