February 19, 2008


Had absolutely no idea what this is until Danny made a post about it. Am currently hopelessly addicted to it. below are a few of my favourites out of the lot.

As AS said Fang= Moe.

Minami-ke version is best for Chiaki appreciation.

I LOLed.

Added for good measure.

I still prefer the Yuki version the best!!


Shin said...

Lawl nice.

Eh brother, are you going to this weekend's ACG event and/or GACC?

lanie-emon said...

I like the Minami-ke version. Cute.

AS said...


Setsuna-san said...

@shin: GACC is abit too far for me. would try ACF instead most likely day 2.

@lanie-emon: cute indeed.

@as: LOL

Choo said...

LOL. i just downloaded the song today. Its so catchy.

rokku said...


D_Blade said...

My favorite is the Minami-ke one... The way Chiaki blinks is simply irresistible!

gordon said...

the song is catchy. ^^;