February 03, 2008

Figure Review 3:Saber Maid version (Good Smile Company)

Sorry it took me so long to come up with this review even though i got this figure quite some time ago.(Blame crappy weather and thank the arrival of my new camera.) Actually I did a shoot for Saber with my Fe-280 but I decided to re shoot when I got my hands on the D40X. So here you go mate, my own take on Saber. God save the king !!!!.(if you watched Fate Stay Night you would know what I mean)

The setting for the shoot. My room, near the windows so i could get some natural light.
Doesnt she look elegant?
Personally my favourite shot.(above)
A bit of experimenting resulted in a rather interesting shot with a shadow on a white background.(maybe I should try that with the other figures.)

Saber and her box. (warning label on the pic below states that exposure to persons aged below 15 will cause incurable moe shock that will result in the birth of another otaku. source:LilKeV84)

Shot from the back. Still looks moelicious, love the details on the frills .
Zettai Ryouiki looks as awesome as ever. To understand Zettai Ryouiki better visit my Zettai Ryouiki mentor's site here.

So, do you think that my skills have improved from the last shoot or is it the new camera that is helping me out? Do drop me a line and i will try to improve on my photography skills in the meantime.


Choo said...

woah, cool saber figure. Sexy XD
My saber is the ataraxia version eating a burger XD

D_Blade said...

Great figure, great setting, great photos.
Need I say more?

Q said...

Nice Saber figure. Although I'm not a figure fan, the photos are cool to browse around with. Keep it up!

ron~ said...

nice saber figurine, I passed on this tho

some pictures are abit blurry, try to adjust the f/stop to make it sharper :)

LilKeV84 said...

omg, u actually used the crap i made? XD
btw, nice shots, especially with the curtains XD

Prim3 said...

wow.. you got the saber maid figure too? didn't buy Rin maid ah? XD

ermm.. wat's that aged 15 below and moe shock thingy? lol.. your source (LilKeV84) is giving ajaran sesat.. haha lol..

Setsuna-san said...

@choo: indeed, saber is always the best. :D

@d_blade: thanks. XD

@q: will do.

@ron~: thanks for the advice, will get to work on it.

@lilkev84: lol, i thought that was rather funny.^^

@prim3: no, don't plan on getting rin for now, i don't really like the sculpt of rin, prefer saber and rider.
LOL, really sesat.^^

AS said...

I agree with ron~, a bit blurry but the lighting has a nice light touch to it from the natural lighting outside filtered by the curtains.

Shin said...

Even though I'm a self professed Rin fan, I can't help adoring Saber myself. Nice figurine!