March 26, 2008

Figma: Kyon and Nanoha

Well feth me. It seems that Max Factory is going all out too beat Kaiyodo in the articulated figures market with their latest line up of figmas.

Planned for release in May 2008 are Kyon and Nanoha. Pre-orders starting 28th of march.
Needs more Kyonko.

This version of Nanoha is from A's i presume?
(need to catch it soon)

I dont think i would be getting Kyon though because of my phobia of male figures. Quite sure that i would be getting Nanoha though. It is also a possibility that we will see a Fate figma later on but that is just speculation at this moment.

sauce: Wcloudx (kumo)


ron~ said...

nanoha and fate are must buy for me! and no for kyon, since he's male :p

and would be great if they make kyonko too haha

Fariz Asuka said...

Fate looks totally awesome.. Well, Kyon is also well-made..

I wonder if I can make Kyon do the Caramelldansen pose?

Mizunaga said...

@fariz, Kyon looks well-made? I was thinking on the contrary ^^;

I am not a figure collector -yet- so will not be getting either.

Seeing Nanoha reminds me that I need to go and watch that. -_-ll

lanie-emon said...

Wow, Nanoha sure does look nice. Looks like I can pair her off with Figma Saber ^^.

Setsuna-san said...

@ron~ well just have to mod it ourselves then.

@Fariz: should be doable considering that it is highly articulated.

@mizunaga: well, a price has to be paid for pose ability.

@lanie-emon: indeed. Strange thoughts about yuri figures comes to mind. LOL

Hangmen said...

Will be getting Figma Kyon, but will not get Itsuki. I can always substitute Itsuki's place with an RGM-79 GM if I wanna do a Hare Hare Yukai pose. Not sure about wanting to buy both Figma Nanoha and Fate, considering how disappointed I was with Nanoha Strikers.

Prim3 said...

You getting the whole haruhi figma line? XD

Setsuna-san said...

@Hangmen: you mean you dont like lolis?????

@prim3: nope. i abandoned the Haruhi line in favor of the FSN line and Nanoha line. might be getting Miku as well.

gordon said...

the only figma i ant is yuki but she's sold out everywhere! >.<

i want to pose her with my gundam GN arms. picture here

Setsuna-san said...

@gordon: that was EPIC. i think theres a restock of yuki on HS though. dont despair.