March 27, 2008

CLANNAD After Story Announced!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a god after all because he gives us more Clannad. My love for Kyoani has been restored.
CLANNAD After Story will be made, with no changes to the cast and staff.
Thats is all at the moment.

Source: Kurogane, RIUVA

Lets now hold a vigil for less or NO FUKO!!

EDIT: Now with a promo video.


I Love Kyon-ko Now said...

Just as planned eh? I'm not sure about them retaining the staff... Well at least, get rid of that guy responsible for having Fuuko pop out so fucking often.

lanie-emon said...

Lol, good riddance to Fuuko eh? Lets hope there's more Kyou and Tomoyo goodness.

dKiWi said...

Wow... I REALLY love the name of this blog :)

Setsuna-san said...

@shin aka. Ilovekyonkonow: just as planned indeed. time to get rid of Fuko once and for all. I knew Kyoani wont do a Half assed job about it.

@lanie-emon: sadly i heard that Fuko features heavily in the After Story. Hope they keep her presence to a minimum if they do not get rid of her.

@dkiwi: thanks. i hope you enjoy your stay here.

gordon said...

YAY! a CLANNAD sequel! i'm so happy! ^o^ i just finished watching episdoe 23. i never laughed so heartily since the fuko and kotomi's arc. ^^

out of the 5 girls, i like fuko the most. her story is so touching. setsuna-san since u don't really fancy her, can i have her all to myself? lol.

btw, thanks for nominating me for anime rookie blog awards. i have already mailed cookies over to your house. ^^

Setsuna-san said...

@gordon: feel free to take her away. cookies received and digested.